Winter Is Coming

One does not simply launch a nonprofit.

"You know nothing, Benj Lipchak."  The meme potential is endless.

If you haven't heard, my wife Jessica and I are launching a nonprofit in 2016.  The basic concept involves mobilizing many small donations into a big pool, and voting on how to spend it.  Our mission is to make it easy and fun to give money to good causes, and encourage everyone to make philanthropy, even at a small scale, a priority and source of pride in their daily lives.

Toward the end of October I started a one year unpaid leave of absence from the job I love in order to tackle this project head on.  We're starting from scratch, so I expect it to take the full year to bring this operation online.  While I have zero experience in this space, Jessica has been around the nonprofit block a few times organizing and leading community nonprofits and gaining/maintaining tax exempt status.  This blog will detail our trials and tribulations while launching Charitocracy.

Many friends have already offered to help.  We'll use this forum to broadcast specific help requests when they arise.  Eventually we'll need guinea pigs to beta test our software.  I'll need to write all of that software first, but if you want to volunteer for some of that, too, I may be able to accommodate!  But today the call to action is for you to follow us.  Whether that means signing up for email updates (look elsewhere on this page), subscribing to our RSS feed, liking our Facebook page, following us on Twitter, or sharing this blog with likeminded friends and family, any or all of the above would be greatly appreciated!  Also, if you have any advice to share, please don't hesitate to leave comments on our blog posts.

Thank you, enjoy the holidays, and try to keep warm!

Charitocracy Is Coming

2 thoughts on “Winter Is Coming”

  1. Holy crap, LinkedIn spam was useful for something! This seems really cool, Benj. I’ll be keeping an eye on it. In the unlikely event that there’s something I can help with, I’m at least interested.

    (I haven’t really kept up with web tech, though. Hit me up if you need secure UDP or client-side RPG mechanics or something!)

    1. Damian, I’m now dreaming up ways to leverage secure UDP and client-side RPG mechanics. I will let you know. Maybe keeping donors “engaged” involves SpecTillery, SpecMines, SpecTacToe, etc. running in their Charitocracy browser windows? 😉

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