Charitocracy’s Day Off

How could I possibly be expected to handle Charitocracy on a day like this?

Some good news and some bad news... which do you want first? Good news first? Okay, you got it!

We shipped off all but 3 of our state-by-state solicitation registration or exemption applications this week. That's 38 different forms, fees, and combinations of certificates, founding documents, IRS letters of determination, budget estimates, and/or first-born children. Only 3 left to go, the ones where we're dragging our heals to pay the $100/year for registered agents: DC, MI, and ND. We'll get there!

Helping get all that paperwork done sucked all the time out of my August so far. And that means I couldn't code up the new weekly Charitocracy touch points before heading off on vacation. You may have noticed the distinct lack of email after week 1 summarizing the new nominations. And you'll notice today the deafening silence of no email highlighting the top 10 causes yet. We'll get there, too!

But for now, "Life moves pretty fast." If I don't stop and look around once in a while, I could miss it. (Back in action circa August 25. Feel free to continue testing out Charitocracy in the meantime!)

Lipchak? Lipchak? Anyone?