Talk Amongst Yourselves

Charitocracy: is it more charity or democracy? Discuss.

Things are going pretty great. We've hit a few milestones since last post:

  • We crossed the 40 donor mark.
  • The September pot crossed the $200 mark.
  • Total donations crossed the $2000 mark.
  • We crossed the 2 week mark, and selected our first Top 10!

Some new things you'll notice on Charitocracy when you next log in:

  • The donor map has a lot more pins, including our first mid-western (Colorado) donors! <3
  • The Dashboard tells us when the next phase will commence (e.g. Top 3 selection in 6 days).
  • Only Top 10 causes can receive votes this week, and only Top 3 starting next Thursday. If a cause you voted for (including one you nominated) didn't make the cut, you're free to revote at any time now.
  • There are handy icons next to the cause names to make it easy to eyeball causes that you've nominated, voted for, liked, and commented on, as well as ones that have been updated since you last checked, and ones that didn't make the cut and so can't receive votes at this time.


But the most important thing I'd like to draw attention to right now is your profile pictures, or the lack thereof. I'd like to see some discussion pick up in the forum, with nominators and other supporters of causes cheerleading and trying to attract more votes. I think this is more likely to happen if we can "see" each other, instead of a sea of generic avatars. To this end, I've turned your profile pictures into animated GIFs that gently nag you to click them and upload a photo. This is super easy to do from your phone, whether you want to take a fresh selfie, upload a screenshot you took of something on the web, or whatever avatar reflects your mood.

We narrow down to the Top 3 in less than a week, so nominators, start your hype machines! And maybe we can push that pot up to $250?!

We hear you, Benj, yet we find this somehow redundant.