Charitocracy Finally Explained

Charitocracy finally explained. How do you like them apples?

We have $230 in September's pot, and on Friday night at midnight we'll name our first recipient cause! And if after 9 months -- the gestation period for a web charity -- and 33 blog posts you don't fully grasp Charitocracy yet, I don't blame you! I've only just taken the time to really explain it here. (Existing donors need to log out first to see it, since it's geared toward new recruits.)

To be honest, 6 months ago when I took a guess at how many donors we'd attract in our first month, I guessed higher. I figured we might get 100 donors, since there were plenty more than that who liked our Facebook page. Currently there are 220 likes, but only 47 donors. Some of that discrepancy is due to households creating one account whereas multiple family members like Charitocracy. But I'm hopeful there are still a lot of friends and family members out there who simply need our persistent yammering here before they'll climb aboard. At $13/year and 2 minutes to enter your name and credit card info, it's not a steep climb!

At the same time, I totally underestimated the generosity of our donors. I imagined we'd average maybe $2/month from each donor, but instead we're seeing closer to $5/month! This is great, since it tells me our monthly pot will be somewhere in the vicinity of $500 once we cross that 100 donor mark. If you're reading this, you've probably already signed up, but if not, let me know what it's going to take. I will suffer a bucket of ice water. I will eat a lime. I will sing karaoke (or not sing karaoke if you prefer). Tell me what I can do that I'm not already doing to earn your $13! Operators are standing by.

Yes, Benj would do that!

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  1. Are you ready for people to start soliciting friends and family to join up? I’d be happy to do that, I just weren’t sure we were there yet. 🙂 (Apologies in advance — I suspect you’ve already said something on this and I just missed it.)

    1. We’re planning to tear down the front page roadblock on October 1st, at which point we can stop adding that irritating /dashboard/ in the URL. We’ll lovingly embrace any donor today, I’m just yelling it from the cellar instead of the rooftops until then. 😉 Thanks, Damian! <3

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