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Double your donation via employer matching programs

Last time I talked about as a way to boost the size of the monthly pot at Charitocracy. But I'm reminded of an even better way: employer matching programs. We received our first such match last week!

If you happen to work for a big company, or an extraordinarily awesome small company, there's a good chance they match their employees' charitable donations 1:1. If for example you signed up for $65/year, your employer might accept a copy of your Charitocracy receipt email and send along another $65 straight from them to us.

We're more than happy to jump through any administrative hoops with your company if we're not already in their system; usually it only requires us to complete a quick registration form. Check with your HR department. And if you contact us to let us know you applied for a match and who your employer is, we can update your account's donation tally so you get credit for your employer's match when it comes in! Win, win.

Some employers: better than others