It’s the End of the World as We Know It

Charitocracy after Benj returns to his day job?

Today is the last day of The Year of Benj™.

Tomorrow I return to my day job. I'm looking forward to tackling problems and improving technology that benefits millions of people. I'm looking forward to the camaraderie of my colleagues. And I'm looking forward to getting paid again!

But... I'm already mourning the loss of my Charitocracy productivity (Charitivity™) which can't possibly sustain its present level after today. I'll prioritize the most important new features to keep Charitocracy thriving, and make the most of my moonlighting hours. Charitocracy in its present form practically runs itself, so it'll be fine, right? I just can't wait to build it into so much more...

I simply need to remind myself that Charitocracy isn't a race. The pace of development will depend on the demands of my day job and the pursuit of a healthy work/life balance. If you donors keep on voting, nominating, and sharing Charitocracy with your friends and family, I'll keep making it better. Deal?

Charitocracy's new tempo? Slow & low.