Over Promise, Under Deliver

You came through with the instruments! Think Benj will come through with gifting?

I'm writing this here so you can hold me to it. That might be the only way to ensure it gets done. I will put a gifting system in place in time for the holidays, for some definition of holidays. Maybe New Year's?

You may have noticed your new Giving Tree, the ability to make friendships, or the invitation email system, where you can easily invite friends and family to join Charitocracy. You probably haven't noticed there are now 10 donation levels to replace the previous 4:

  1. Crystal: $1/month
  2. Ruby: $2/month
  3. Bronze: $3/month
  4. Emerald: $5/month
  5. Silver: $7/month
  6. Sapphire: $10/month
  7. Gold: $20/month
  8. Diamond: $30/month
  9. Platinum: $50/month
  10. Arkenstone: $70/month

Crystal and the gemstones are shown first, so as not to intimidate newcomers with so many choices. Clicking a "more options..." link will reveal the rest. If you've been meaning to bump up your level now that you've gotten the hang of Charitocracy, say from $1/month to $2/month, feel free!

All of these recent changes have been prerequisites to the gifting system I'm working on. Charitocracy would make a great gift for your loved ones. It's the gift that keeps on giving all year! Want to get your children involved in philanthropy? This will be a great way! Looking for a last-minute gift? Well, I hope so, since that's probably when I'll be done coding it all up...

Stay tuned and cheer me on, this is going to be a lot of work! But I'm committed now. Charitocracy will make a great New Year's Day MLK Day Valentine's Day President's Day April Fools Day gift?

Have fun writing Charitocracy's gifting system! Think he'll finish in time? It would take a miracle.