Winter Came, Give Charitocracy!

To mark the winter solstice, why not give the gift of Charitocracy?

I did it! Gifting support is turned on and seems to be working great. Please test it to make sure. 😉

Jessica and I are nearing the end of our 10th anniversary beach vacation. She's been very patient with my time on the laptop finishing Charitocracy's gifting system. It reminds me a bit of when I wrote a tech book during our honeymoon cruise... She's probably used to me by now.

I still have a PDF waiting in the wings, which I intend to attach to Charitocracy gift code emails once it's ready. It folds into a little paper gift box, since some folks want a physical "thing" they can give. All I need to do is write the code to personalize it with names and gift codes. Reply if you think you'll want one! Maybe I can finish it on the plane ride home tomorrow?

Jessica and Benj went rogue for a week and all I got was this lousy paper box