May Day, May Day!

April Showers Bring Mayflowers
painting by Donald Swan

I have been all-consumed by my day job. This is always a rough time of year here, but this year more than ever. Instead of working the 75-80% I signed up for in October, I'm at about 250%. (Ask Jessica, I do not exaggerate.)

While this is slowing down new features at Charitocracy, it isn't impacting the day-to-day operations. I automated almost everything, and I'm delighted to see it chugging along without my intervention. Not as delighted as I'd be if I could get in there and tinker every week, but still proud of the great causes you're all nominating and voting for in my "absence."

Tonight we'll choose another winning cause, and it's a hot contest! So if you haven't voted yet, or you'd like to change your vote last minute, go nuts! Tomorrow will be a new month, and as always we're excited to see which new causes you'll surface.

Don't worry, I'll eventually be back with a vengeance.