T̶a̶c̶o̶ Giving Tuesday

Happy Giving Tuesday, Charitocracy!

It's Tuesday. Normally that means tacos for lunch, but today it means giving to your favorite charities. And naturally that means Charitocracy. Happy Giving Tuesday!

Giving Tuesday means doubled donations

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is matching all donations coming in through Facebook's Donate button today. And Facebook is waiving fees. So today is the day. If you've been wanting to donate to Charitocracy but for whatever reason (fear of commitment? Triskaidekaphobia?) don't want to join Charitocracy, visit our Facebook page and click that Donate button! Any amount is welcome. Your dollars will go 100% straight to Charitocracy... But only after being mimeographed to take up double the space in Charitocracy's bank vaults. We'll make room.

Of course there's no better way to give to Charitocracy than to actually join us here. That enables you to vote for causes and nominate your personal favorites to win. Most importantly, it will sustain that warm feeling in your heart throughout the year, at convenient monthly intervals. Check out our past winners!

Already a donor?

If you've read this far, there's a strong chance you're already a Charitocracy groupy, so the above information isn't very helpful to you. How else can you help on Giving Tuesday? Let me count the ways:

  • Increase your annual donation! Whether that means doubling from $1/month to $2, or $10 to $20, you know best what kind of impact on the world you can afford. I spend $10 on coffee in a single day sometimes, so that helps put things in perspective for me. Don't be afraid to open wallets wide! It's all about the Washingtons, baby.
  • Give Charitocracy as a gift! Give the lucky people on your holiday shopping list a prepaid year of Charitocracy. Gifts come with a PDF you can print out or email with the low-down on Charitocracy and a foldable gift box! Stuff stockings, enclose them with greeting cards, hang them on a tree, or incorporate them into whatever tradition you celebrate. Put one in your Tuesday Tacos. It's all good.
  • Invite your friends and family via email! Not all of us possess the resources to save the world with cold hard cash. This is why we've incorporated what we call your Giving Tree into Charitocracy. Visible right alongside your personal donations, this Giving Tree $ amount shows you all the donations you're responsible for bringing into Charitocracy, not just your own. This is the most important number to celebrate, as you can have a much larger impact by bringing your friends and family into the fold than you can hope  to have individually.
  • Share our Facebook page to all your friends! Click the [...] button, then Invite Friends, enter a brief note about Charitocracy's greatness, and click the Invite button next to each friend. This costs you nothing but a few minutes time, but since we're throwing an extra $1 of matching funds into the monthly pot for each new Like, it can add up quickly! Even if just 5% of your 400 friends listen to you for once and click that Like button, that's $20 in the pot right there! Not to mention the strong likelihood that they'll like what they see and join us as donors themselves some day...

Our kids covered some of this in their video last month, so check it out!  And have a warm and generous Giving Tuesday, everyone! *Tacos not included.