Spotlight on nominee National Public Radio

Nominee National Public Radio

Next in our series of posts about new Charitocracy nominees, we have nominee National Public Radio. It was recently nominated by donor Maurice, who previously nominated winning cause Children's Hospital Medical Center. So let's welcome NPR to our charity of the month club! You can find their web site here.

Firstly, for newcomers: the cause with the most votes each month wins the pot. No matter how much or how little you contribute, each donor at Charitocracy gets one vote. This is where charity meets democracy. So share this post and ask your friends to vote! That's how we spread the word and, as a result, grow the monthly pot. Yay!

Overview of nominee National Public Radio

National Public Radio is a mission-driven, multimedia news organization and radio program producer. It is a network with a strong base of member stations and supporters nationwide. NPR employees are innovators and developers — exploring new ways to serve the public via digital platforms and improved technologies. NPR is also the leading membership and representation organization for public radio.

In a time of media fragmentation and sound bites, NPR has succeeded by focusing on its core: in-depth, quality news. NPR has evolved from a secondary to an essential news source, with dozens of bureaus around the world and the nation. Drawing on more than 340 news staff (reporters, correspondents, newscasters, editors, producers hosts and bloggers) in the United States and abroad — from Washington, D.C., and New York City, to Beijing and Dakar, we have the capacity to stay on top of breaking news, follow the most critical stories of the day and track complex issues over the long term.

On-air and online, National Public Radio presents fact-based, independent journalism that examines and airs diverse perspectives. NPR's journalists strive for mastery of the narrative form, telling stories in ways that transport the audience to the places where news is happening and introducing the people affected.

So visit National Public Radio's page on Charitocracy to vote for, like, or discuss this cause! And finally, check out this example of NPR's non-radio work, Eclipse 2017: One Nation Under The Sun, a short film about August's solar eclipse: