Spotlight on nominee Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

Nominee Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

Next in our series of posts about new Charitocracy nominees, we have nominee Leukemia & Lymphoma Society nominated by donor amrizzo01. They've invested over $1.2B in cancer research, focusing on blood cancers. So let's welcome LLS to our charity of the month club! You can find their web site here.

A few words on Charitocracy

Firstly, for newcomers: the cause with the most votes each month wins the pot. No matter how much or how little you contribute, each donor at Charitocracy gets one vote. This is where charity meets democracy. So share this post and ask your friends to join us and vote! That's how we spread the word and, as a result, grow the monthly pot. (Hint: sometimes bigger is better.)

About nominee Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

Cancer is a heck of an opponent.

It's a bully. But we aren't afraid of a fight.
It's elusive. But our focus never fades.
It's deadly. But we are known cancer killers.

Since 1949, we've pioneered groundbreaking research that leads us to believe we will find the cures for cancer in our blood.

We were born to defeat this opponent.
We are The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.
Beating cancer is in our blood.


The mission of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) is: Cure leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin's disease and myeloma, and improve the quality of life of patients and their families.

Three pillars of our mission:

  • Research - LLS has invested more than $1.2 billion in cutting-edge research, funding nearly all of today's most promising advances, and bringing us closer to cures.
  • Patient Support - We provided free information, support services and financial assistance to over 30,000 people last year.
  • Policy & Advocacy - Our nationwide grassroots network of more than 100,000 volunteers advocate for state and federal policies that benefit patients.

So visit Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's page on Charitocracy to vote for, like, or discuss this cause! And finally, check out their brand new Tougher Than Cancer spot: