November 2018 winner Epilepsy Foundation

Charitocracy's 27th check to November winner Epilepsy Foundation for $1701

We have good news about November winner Epilepsy Foundation, right after this quick update...

Happy Giving Season!

Since Thanksgiving we've been spreading the word about Charitocracy by offering $1 for each new page like and $5 for each share. That resulted in an extra $240 in the November pot, and hopefully will have a positive impact on the December pot as well. Keeps those shares and page like invitations going out to your connections on Facebook and elsewhere!

The best way to help grow Charitocracy's donor base and increase the size of the monthly pot is to give Charitocracy to a friend. Gifts start at the same $12 as signing up yourself. $1 or more goes into each monthly pot for a year, and your recipient can vote for the winners. You'll immediately receive a PDF (like this) with the gift redemption code. It includes a foldable gift box and cheat sheet describing how Charitocracy works. You can hand-deliver or email the PDF to the lucky recipient at the time of your choosing. And perhaps the best part is that your gift is tax-deductible!

Meanwhile, Donor Erin Burke had a great idea she shared on Facebook a month ago: if all 200+ active donors at Charitocracy were each to give Charitocracy to at least one friend or family member, we could double our numbers. Ambitious? Yes. Would it be awesome if it happened? YES. Heck, I'd be happy to boost our donor count 10%, never mind 100%! Let's get some new faces on board before the end of the year. For $12/each, you could make it rain Charitocracy love onto your entire shopping list. 💦☃️🎁🥰

November 2018 winner Epilepsy Foundation

Last night we voted in Charitocracy's 27th monthly winner. Congratulations to Epilepsy Foundation, and to donor Coppcarr for nominating it. She discovered Epilepsy Foundation while seeking resources and support after her daughter's epilepsy diagnosis. You can find their web site here.

Now you have a week to further sweeten the pot with a special one-time donation of any amount, which we'll add straight to the check we write to Epilepsy Foundation next week.

The mission of the Epilepsy Foundation is:

To lead the fight to overcome the challenges of living with epilepsy and to accelerate therapies to stop seizures, find cures, and save lives.

The Epilepsy Foundation, a national non-profit with more than 50 local organizations throughout the United States, has led the fight against seizures since 1968. The Foundation is an unwavering ally for individuals and families impacted by epilepsy and seizures. The Foundation works to prevent, control, and cure epilepsy through community services; public education; federal and local advocacy; and supporting research into new treatments and therapies. The Foundation works to ensure that people with seizures have the opportunity to live their lives to their fullest potential.

Before you go, check out Epilepsy Foundation's great video explaining epilepsy to children, and feel good about your part in our collective $1701+ grant to help with their work!

Have a great December and be sure to log into Charitocracy to update your votes or nominate a new cause!