January 2020 winner Gifts of Hope Unlimited

Charitocracy's 41st check to January winner Gifts of Hope Unlimited for $1088

We have good news about January winner Gifts of Hope Unlimited, right after this quick update...


This just in: Benj retired from his day job yesterday.

It's the same as quitting, but without the connotation of ill will or dissatisfaction on either side. There's no presumption of leaving for greener pastures at another company. The fact is, I'm still in love with my former employer, the work I was doing there, and all the colleagues with whom I shared the experience. Instead retirement comes with the implied acknowledgement of one's mortality and time being of the essence. I feel that urgency every day.

This is a weird day, my first day unemployed in a long long time. Thanks for giving me the best reason to take this leap of faith: Charitocracy. Without you, it would just be a cool idea with $0 grants going out each month. Now I'll have more time to spend growing Charitocracy, giving it the closer attention it desperately needs!

January 2019 winner Gifts of Hope Unlimited

Last night we named Charitocracy's 41st monthly winner. Congratulations to Gifts of Hope Unlimited, nominated by donor Marthaek. They support and assist individuals affected by relationship violence gain access to resources for a safe and empowered future. You can find their web page here.

Now you have a week to further sweeten the pot with a special one-time donation of any amount, which we'll add straight to the check we write to Gifts of Hope Unlimited. ❤️

Have a great February and be sure to log into Charitocracy to update your votes or nominate a new cause!