June 2020 winner Color of Change

Charitocracy's 46th check to June winner Color of Change for $1434

We have good news about June winner Color of Change, right after this quick update...

100 Nominees!

In June we hit the 100 nominee milestone. And the 100th nominee was none other than Color of Change! I'll blog about it soon, but here's a sneak preview of the video I made to celebrate. Unmuting is highly recommended! 🙂

100 nominees is a real accomplishment, and it's all thanks to you nominators out there. 72 of you, and counting! Thanks.

June 2020 winner Color of Change

Last night we named Charitocracy's 46th monthly winner. Congratulations to Color of Change, nominated by donor carolinatim. They design campaigns powerful enough to end practices that unfairly hold Black people back, and champion solutions that move us all forward. You can find their web page here.

Now you have a week to further sweeten the pot with a special one-time donation of any amount, which we'll add straight to the check we write to Color of Change. (We've already received several generous pot sweeteners today, thanks!!)

Before you go, check out this short video. It shows some of the many recent changes Color of Change has helped provoke. Then feel good about your part in our collective $1434+ grant to help with their ongoing work!

Have a great July, stay safe, and be sure to log into Charitocracy to update your votes or nominate a new cause!