Help me OBX, you’re my only hope

Benj is not in his Wright mind, trying to spin OBX version of Charitocracy before October

OBX gets its own Charitocracy spin-off!

In hopes of harnessing the impressive engagement from the Outer Banks community of North Carolina, while at the same time calming the nerves of donors everywhere else who see only OBX causes winning lately, I'm busily working on a solution. The Outer Banks will have its own Charitocracy soon. Its own nominees, its own monthly pot, its own winners.

My goal is to finish by the end of September, and make October a dry run. Only OBX charities can be nominated in the new spin-off site, whereas the original national version of Charitocracy will proceed as normal, except without the OBX-specific charities. Current donors can choose to switch over, or with a minimum donation of $1/month per pot, they can participate (nominate, discuss, vote) in both!

Other future spin-offs?

And maybe in the future there will be more than two?? Contact us if you think a local spin-off would be successful in your area. In addition to geographical spin-offs, we could also host topic-specific spin-offs. Imagine a Charitocracy of all environmental causes, or natural disaster responses, or animal rescues, or social justice initiatives? The key is to start off with a critical mass of 100+ donors contributing an average of $5/month each, so we hit the ground running with a $500+ prize every month.

Challenge: make OBX Charitocracy bigger than the original!

The OBX monthly pot will naturally start out smaller with its new donor base. But I suspect it will grow more quickly than the national donor base and monthly pot did, thanks to the enthusiasm and dedication already demonstrated by OBX donors so far this year. Big question: will it outgrow the original national pot? Consider the challenge extended, OBX. There's no speed limit here at Charitocracy.

Now I need to get back to work! Just because I'm talking about it doesn't mean it exists yet. But I've started. And I'm no stranger to all-nighters. You all have me energized. Let's do this!

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