300 Donors

300 Donors

We reached the 100 donor mark during our first month of operation back in September 2016. We reached the 200 donor mark one year later in September 2017. And that's where it stayed for 2018 and 2019, with our new donor attraction rate in rough equilibrium with our attrition rate.

Now, in early 2021, we have crossed the 300 donor mark. 🥳

Sea Change OBX, named the winner one year ago last week, ushered in a new era. An era of nominees encouraging their own networks of donors, members, and followers to join Charitocracy and vote. In fact, the past twelve months have been largely dominated by winners that won by introducing new donors to Charitocracy. And that goes for our most recent February 2021 winner, too!

Another driver of new donors has been our new OBX site. While most OBX donors were already USA donors, we've also attracted some newcomers to this regional spin-off. If you haven't already thrown a buck in the OBX pot, come join us in the voting over there each month, too. Or you can redirect some/all of your current monthly USA donation over to OBX, no additional charge. Adjust your monthly donation here.

Statistical breakdown of 300+ donors

For those who are curious, here's the break-down as of today:

  • USA-only donors: 241
  • OBX-only donors: 19
  • Donors to both pots: 50
  • Total USA donors: 291
  • Total OBX donors: 69
  • Total donors: 310

Where we go from here: 400!

There's nothing stopping us from doing it again in the next 12 months! The #1 thing about Charitocracy that donors like most is how they can amplify their donations. Even at the $1 per month level, their donations when combined with everyone else's add up to over $1000. And when nominating their favorite cause, or "cheerleading" for one particular nominee they feel strongly about, it becomes a real easy sell to attract friends and family.

You invite all your friends with easy to generate social media and/or email invitations. Your friends chip in as little as $12 for the year, and vote for your cause. Once there's a couple dozen of them, you're in a very strong position to have those donations amplified, easily by an order of magnitude. Never mind the next 11 months and beyond of voting in other great causes to win monthly grants!

Do I hear 500? Benj needs a haircut...

I've been saying for a while now that once we hit the 500 active donor mark, I'd be open to cutting my long hair. And perhaps even cutting my hair to a style selected by the most successful Charitocracy recruiter helping to hit the 500 mark!

We've been keeping track of referrals since the beginning, so if you don't see someone listed in your Giving Tree branches that you recruited, or you don't see your recruiter as the root of your tree, give me a yell and I'll patch it up so you get due credit.

But first, see you at 400! The sooner the better.

Nice try, but no. Benj's new hairstyle must involve *less* hair.

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