Spotlight on nominee Tree of Hope Haiti

Nominee Tree of Hope Haiti

Next in our series of posts about new Charitocracy nominees, we have nominee Tree of Hope Haiti, nominated by donor Maggie. They spread the gospel of Christ to Haitians through community development rooted in God’s love. You can find their web site here.

A few words on Charitocracy

Firstly, for newcomers: here's how it works. Donors pool their monthly contributions, as little as $1. The cause with the most votes each month wins the pot. No matter how much or how little you contribute, each donor at Charitocracy gets one vote. This is where charity meets democracy. So please share this post (see social sharing icons at top of post) and ask your friends to join us and vote! That's how we spread the word and, as a result, grow the monthly pot. The bigger the pot, the bigger our positive impact on the world!

About nominee Tree of Hope Haiti

4 Main Branches of Ministry

Child Sponsorship

~ Providing Education
Education in Haiti in not guaranteed and can often be inaccessible or incomplete. TOHH has a vision to see every child in our community enrolled in school.

Building Homes

~ House Building Projects
TOHH is working towards the goal of every family in our community having a permanent, dry, and secure place to call home. Join us in raising funds to help those in need of shelter.

Community Water Tower

~ Providing Clean Water
Most homes in our community do not have running water. Families must then carry back a minimum of 25 gallons of water - per day, to complete the most basic of tasks for the survival of a family such as cooking, cleaning, drinking, bathing and laundry. Thanks to our TOHH donors we have been able to give clean water to our community since November 2014 and currently support up to 800 families with clean water.

TOHH Pavilion

~ Community Outreach
Pavilion Ministry was a natural outgrowth of the relationships we've built in the community. Adult bible study, school supply distribution, birthday parties, Christmas giving, Easter program, financial peace (micro loan training), medical clinics, summer camp and sports tournaments are just some examples of how we spread the love of Jesus, through community outreach in our Pavilion area.

So please visit the page of nominee Tree of Hope Haiti to vote for, like, or discuss this cause! And check out this short 2021 thank you video from TOHH's sponsored children and recent graduates.