Once More unto the Breach, Dear Friends

Blood & guts, maming & dismembering, fine, but Benj wants us to test Charitocracy?!

The day has come for you to help in a very real way. I want you to do a quick beta test! I've given you a test credit card # to use below, so it's only your time I need right now, about 15-20 minutes? But it has to be before the clock strikes midnight (EDT) on Thursday night June 30! Yeah, that means today or tomorrow, the sooner the better!

10-Step Test Script (or as many as you can!)

  1. Go here! (Thanks, and stay tuned for next round of testing!)
  2. Sign up, which includes choosing a recurring donation plan. Use credit card # 4242-4242-4242-4242, any future expiration date, and any 3 digits for CVC code. Feel free to use a fun fictional username, but email address has to be real for account creation. And please use your real full name in the signup form so I'll know who it is if you have issues!
  3. Choose one of these two options (or sign up twice with two different email addresses and do both for double the fun):
    • Nominate a cause, especially if you're one of the earliest testers. Nomination will lock in your full vote for the month. Or...
    • Vote for one or more causes that have already been nominated. You can split your vote amongst up to 5 causes. You can even adjust the split.
  4. Add to the discussion of as many causes as you want, but please comment on at least one. Don't worry, it's 90% friends and family in here and I'll be deleting all of this beta test content before we go live. Say whatever you like! Feel free to experiment with fancy formatting, video links, etc.
  5. Like some other nominated causes, after all, they're free! You get one vote (split up to 5-ways) but as many Likes as you... like.
  6. Sweeten the pot by adding a one-time donation. Be generous, it's only play money for now!
  7. Get on the map by entering your rough location (or a fictional one) into your profile, if you didn't do it during sign-up. You can fine-tune or remove your rough location at any time.
  8. Give yourself a profile pic if you like. It'll make beta testing more fun this way, I promise!
  9. Change your donation by increasing or decreasing your recurring donation plan or cancelling future donations. You could also try changing your credit card #, though you'd just change it to the same pretend one above, so it's a bit silly.
  10. Report bugs that you encounter, or things you're not sure about. If it wasn't easy enough to self-discover how to achieve the objectives above, let me know! I'd much rather hear it from you while I can fix it than from strangers after we go live. Post your feedback as a reply to this blog or on Facebook or in a private message or email. Equally valuable would be a message saying "I ran through your script on my <details of your PC/phone/tablet, browser> and it all just worked!"


  • Not yet Mac retina-friendly! Doh!
  • When held in standard portrait orientation on iPhone (and probably other small devices), text is cramped and wraps funny sometimes. The commenter's avatar floats in a weird spot! But everything should work.
  • Social aspects of site (friending, display name, notifications, privacy) aren't totally complete yet, but some parts are there.
  • Pitch video and other pre-signup materials are not in place yet.
  • Celebrate page, which will have leader boards and info on winning causes is not complete (or even started yet).
  • It all needs to be a bit faster and prettier, agreed. But do report to me if things were unusably slow or unbearably ugly. I need to know!
Follow your spirit, and upon this charge
Cry 'God for Harry, England, and Saint George!'

5 thoughts on “Once More unto the Breach, Dear Friends”

  1. Using Chrome on Linux (CentOS 6), there’s no opportunity to save my profile pic after I upload and crop it. I just don’t see a button…

    (By the way, when I set a password, it suggested a random one but didn’t actually have a ‘log in’ or ‘set password’ button. The Enter key worked there. It doesn’t for the profile pic.)

    Oh, and when changing the donation amount it was really confusing when the current amount wasn’t an option. It should be in the list of options _and_ be the default IMO. That makes you pick an amount explicitly when you want to change it.

  2. Thanks for the feedback, Alistair!

    I’m trying on Chrome on Mac, and there’s a Crop Image button. I’ll PM you a screenshot for comparison. I take it you don’t get that Crop Image button at all on CentOS? I should probably rename the Crop Image button to “Crop & Save” or something to make it clear that it will save the image even if you didn’t want to crop at all…

    As for the Change Donation functionality, I agree with you 100%. That would be a cleaner UI. This was the closest I could get using the off-the-shelf CC processing form without any code changes, but at this point it’s probably the only 3rd-party code I *haven’t* customized. 😉 I’ll see what I can do!

  3. With your help I reproduced both the Crop Image and Reset Password issues on Chrome for Mac, and relabeled them to Save Image and Set Password, respectively. (Change Donation UI will take more time.) Thank you, sir!

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