The Aftermath

The morning after Charitocracy's beta test

It's been a week since our first 2-day beta test, and I've been busy! I received a lot of useful feedback from so many of you, and wanted to give shout-outs to those who took time to type up a laundry list for me: Lionel Lemarié, Kim Belli Andews, Brian & Julie Miller, and Alistair Bell. I've nearly worked through all of your suggestions!

Thanks also to those who IM'd me your quick observations and thumbs ups. And extra special thanks to Stephanie LaFond, Lisa Nicholson, Andrew Whitaker, and Amy Cayer who each created multiple accounts to test more features and device compatibility. You and everyone who helped beta test are amazing for pitching in on this critical effort!

The vital stats

  • Length: 2 days
  • Number of beta test accounts created: 39
  • Number of causes nominated: 16
  • Number of votes cast: 31
  • Number of likes: 63
  • Number of comments: 22
  • Breakdown of Bronze/Silver/Gold/Platinum memberships: 26/4/5/4
  • Most generous one-time donation: $2500 (the max!) by Amy Cayer
  • Funniest one-time donations: $314 (π) by Alistair Bell, $167.12 (no idea!) by Mary Bartlett
  • Most popular: Project Shakespeare with 9 likes nominated by... me (as KennyBranagh)
  • drumroll, please?
  • Total pot size for June: $8691.12
  • Most votes: Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library Inc. with 2.6 votes nominated by... me (as Vonnegut).

And that's why Charitocracy won't be in the business of nominating causes.  Clearly I'm way too persuasive?

Stay tuned for the next round, where I'll open it up for folks to test all the improvements and bug fixes, and perhaps focus on another aspect of the site that needs attention.  Onward!

Keep calm and beta test

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  1. The picture was quite entertaining. I particularly enjoyed the naked man in the yard.

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