Over $20,000 served!

$20,000 served

The check we wrote to mikeroweWORKS Foundation this month put us over the $20,000 milestone! That's 17 checks so far, averaging almost $1200 each. And tomorrow, when we award the February pot, that total will go even higher.

You, our donors, got us here. Dollar by dollar, month by month, vote by vote: you make the world a little better. $20,000 is just the beginning!

Imagine $20,000 per month

Imagine the day when we can award $20,000 every month! We can get there. Charitocracy has the capacity to serve many more donors, making philanthropy more fun and an everyday part of more people's lives. That's our mission. Not to shake more money out of you, but to reach more people and engage them to give charitable dollars regularly.

It's not a big ask. Considering one movie ticket often costs $13, a year of Charitocracy is a bargain! And donors are more than welcome to do both. (But at least Charitocracy.)

It is not just the extra dollar in the pot that comes with each new donor. It's a new voice and unique perspective on which charities are best. It's another source of ideas for new nominations and a cheerleader to rally the votes. And another social network to spread news of the good things we're doing here at Charitocracy.

How you can help

Very simple. Think of the one person you know who most belongs on Charitocracy but isn't. A best friend? A sibling? Someone who loves philanthropy, and might enjoy a fun new outlet? Someone who's new to adulting and might get hooked early on warm fuzzies from giving? Maybe you owe someone a gift anyway? Then, simply make it your project: convince your prospect to join!

Tell them about Charitocracy in person. Show them a video or the brief slide presentation. Email them an invitation, and follow up afterwards. Seal the deal. Always be closing.

You are our sales force. Tell us what other tools you need to do your job effectively!

Thanks for this milestone, and let's work hard together to expedite the next one!

Charitocracy is for closers. *Coffee not included.

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