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Soccer Without Borders

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    This is the official discussion thread for the cause Soccer Without Borders. Its EIN is 20-3786129 and it's a public charity based in Baltimore, MD. Research more info about the cause on GuideStar and Charity Navigator.

    Soccer Without Borders logo
    We use soccer as a vehicle for positive change, providing under-served youth with a toolkit to overcome life's obstacles.

    The Soccer Without Borders program is effective across borders because of its adaptable framework. 

    While every Soccer Without Borders program has three pillars- Soccer, Education, and Community- we leave space within our program model for local adaptation, responding to the specific needs of a target population and the resources available. We create a team environment defined by consistent leaders, dynamic and relevant activities, and a culture of acceptance.


    We provide the equipment, coaching, and transportation needed to help participants of all skill levels pass, dribble, score, sweat, win, lose, learn, and celebrate together in organized practices and games.


    We provide academic and language development support, high school and college preparation, as well as workshops on nutrition, wellness, mindfulness, healthy relationships and any other topics that are most important to participants.


    We build community at the family, team, local, and global levels, combating social isolation by connecting our participants and programs to resources and learning opportunities across cultures and beyond borders. 

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