At Charitocracy, we pool our donations each month and vote on the charity to get it. Check out the donor-nominated Human Rights charities below.


Racism is a pandemic.

Yes To Human Equality!

We are all born different, and our differences are what enrich the world with different cultures and drive innovations. By respecting, living in peace with and learning from one another, we will create a stronger and better world together. Everyone, regardless the color of their skin, gender or sexual orientation, should have the right to feel safe, respected and thrive in their environments.

Now is the time to say no to discrimination and phobias and support human equality and social justice. At Charitocracy, we strive to help people of different sexual orientations, racial backgrounds and genders to gain the same rights and opportunities in life by supporting charities that are devoted to fighting for human equality including racial equality, gender equality, sexual orientation equality, and more. Each month, Charitocracy and our amazing donors hand select human rights charities with their individual honorable missions. By the end of the month, through voting we select one charity out of all the nominated charities from all 12 categories to which we donate our monthly pooled donations. Chances are, your favorite charities will win Charitocracy's monthly grant!

Take a look at the list below of currently nominated human rights charities. See one that inspires you? If not, you can also nominate your favorite human rights charity to add to our voting list! Join us now and empower a cause you care about! Also, feel free to check out our past human rights charity winners or the other charitable causes Charitocracy supports.

Viewing 10 causes - 1 to 10 (of 27 total)
Viewing 10 causes - 1 to 10 (of 27 total)