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The Brigid Alliance

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    This is the official discussion thread for the cause The Brigid Alliance. Its EIN is 82-3843989 and it's a public charity based in New York, NY. Research more info about the cause on GuideStar and Charity Navigator.

    The Brigid Alliance logo
    We arrange and fund confidential, personalized travel for those seeking abortion care in increasingly hostile environments.

    We make choice possible.

    The Brigid Alliance arranges and funds confidential, personalized travel support to those seeking abortion care in increasingly hostile environments. In partnership with a network of funds and providers, we are closing the gap between the right to an abortion and the ability to access one.

    The Brigid Alliance arranges and funds travel, along with related needs, to support individuals across the country who are forced to travel for later abortion care.

    The Brigid Alliance believes that the costs and logistics of traveling to an abortion provider should not inhibit choice. Yet an alarming gap is growing between those who need care and their ability to access it.

    State-level restrictive abortion laws and regulations, combined with the rise of misinformation campaigns, the overall decline of local providers, and the unique consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, are increasingly preventing timely abortion care or eliminating it as an option altogether. 

    The Brigid Alliance arranges and funds long-distance travel support for those seeking later abortion care (after the first trimester) throughout the USA.

    We work closely with the community of abortion funds, specialized clinics, and partner organizations across the country to ensure that abortion services are accessible when barriers arise.

    Launched in 2018, The Brigid Alliance is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit supported by individual donations and grants.

    The Brigid Alliance endeavors to comply with the law of the states in which it operates.

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