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Children’s Hospital Medical Center

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    This is the official discussion thread for the cause Children’s Hospital Medical Center. Its EIN is 31-0833936 and it's a public charity based in Cincinnati, OH. Research more info about the cause on GuideStar and Charity Navigator.

    Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center logo
    We are a nonprofit academic medical center, one of the oldest and most distinguished pediatric hospitals in the U.S.

    Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, a nonprofit academic medical center established in 1883, is one of the oldest and most distinguished pediatric hospitals in the United States.

    Here is a short video that explains what they are all about:

    This research facility and hospital has a special place in my heart.  Here’s story about my sister’s daughter and how they saved her life.


    Cincinnati Children’s diagnosed Cynthia with congenital heart defects before she was even born, via fetal ECHO (ultrasound).  When Cynthia was about 2 months old her cardiologist explained with great sympathy and patience that she would need open heart surgery to repair these defects.  Cynthia thrived for the next several months, but at 8 months she was hospitalized for pneumonia.  In subsequent hospitalizations she was diagnosed with failure to thrive and needed a feeding tube and supplemental oxygen until her open heart surgery.

    Cynthia had her heart surgery a few days after her first birthday.  The care she received by the staff (from world-renowned doctors to the volunteers who bring toys to patients) was exceptional.  About 2 weeks after her surgery Cynthia was discharged.  By 18 months old Cynthia caught up with all the traditional milestones, although she is still petite, and besides the scar on her chest no one could tell she ever had any medical challenges.

    During a routine cardiology check-up when Cynthia was about 3, an ECHO showed that her heart had developed hypertrophic cardiomyopathy was left ventricular outflow tract obstructions (HCM).  Pediatric HCM affects about 5 in one million children and after genetic testing Cynthia’s HCM is likely due to Noonan syndrome.  Cincinnati Children’s is a leading institute for cardiac genetics and after Cynthia’s genetic diagnosis it was discovered that her sister is at risk to develop HCM and her mom has HCM as well.

    HCM makes Cynthia’s heart work harder and less efficiently than the typical heart.  She is being treated with cardiac medications, she started swallowing pills at 3 years old.  Every 3 months she visits cardiology at check on the pressures inside her heart.  She charms all the nurses and doctors with each visit and knows were all the good toys are kept.  As Cynthia continues to grow she may require additional surgeries to control her HCM.  There is no doubt that her medical team will develop a customized plan for her and the care she continues to receive will be the best in the world.

    Here’s a link to Cynthia doing her adorable hula hoop trick just for you Charitocracy members.

    Please show your support for this wonderful life saving research facility and hospital by voting for them!

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    Awesome, just a few days in and we’re in the top 4 on Charitocracy!  It would be amazing to make the top 3 this month.  Please vote for us!!!

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    Thanks to everyone voting for this cause.  We got third place last month!  Lets see if we can get second or first this month.

    If anyone has questions about this charity let me know.  Make sure you watch the video above.  It really shows off the type of research they do.

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    I actually have an update about Cynthia.  Unfortunately, she has had some complications and she will be going back for another open heart surgery in a few months to try and reduce the pressure in her heart by reshaping one of the walls of her heart.  It’s an extremely rare procedure in children and this hospital/research facility has performed as many as any any other facility in the world and they have only done it a few times.

    Hopefully everything turns out well.  Cynthia is in high spirits.  We really appreciate all the support we’ve seen on Charitocracy for this great charity.

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