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    This is the official discussion thread for the cause No Evil Project. Its EIN is 82-4659905 and it's a public charity based in Auburn, MA. Research more info about the cause on GuideStar and Charity Navigator.

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    Art nonprofit representing and showing the world that anyone can do good, no matter who they are, and people aren't defined by their labels.

    The No Evil Project’s mission is to show that people aren’t defined by their labels. Through photographs of a variety of people posing as the three wise monkeys, “See No Evil”, “Hear No Evil” and “Speak No Evil”, along with three labels and a good deed, we take impersonal labels that may have negative stereotypes, and show real people behind them that are improving the community. Doing so in a fun and informal way allows people to be more comfortable talking about traditionally uncomfortable or taboo topics like race, religion, politics, and sexuality to hopefully change some misconceptions or find common ground.

    This is a fun public art project with an important mission!

    Also read Charitocracy's blog post about No Evil Project!
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    Alistair a...

    Recent news segment about how the No Evil Project’s new exhibit at the Worcester Senior Center is helping to challenge ageism and stereotypes about older people.

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    The No Evil Project is doing so much for communities in and around Worcester! People are joining the project and reflecting on their own labels and the labels of others who are doing great deeds. The Fitchburg community will be represented as an exhibit in the Art Museum in December. It’s so exciting to be part of this movement to humanize one another, and see one another as people who just want to do great things. Vote for the No Evil Project!