At Charitocracy, we pool our donations each month and vote on the charity to get it. Check out the donor-nominated Environmental charities below.


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Earth Is Our Home

Since the industrial revolution, human activity has caused harm and damage to our environment. In the meantime earth has suffered climate change, global warming, deforestation, plastic pollution, air and water pollution, which have led to biodiversity loss including dying coral reefs and animal extinction. If the greenhouse gas emissions continue their current course, one-third of the plant and animal species in the world could disappear in 50 years. Therefore, we need to take action now to conserve what we have left, reduce carbon emissions and do our best to restore our environment in order to leave our future generations with a healthy and clean earth.

Aside from doing our daily recycling, using more sustainable and biodegradable materials and less plastic to decrease our carbon footprints, we can create a bigger impact by supporting charities that are dedicated in their green missions. These charities perform ocean cleanup, recover rainforests to reestablish biodiversity, preserve natural habitats, develop methodologies to help people live more sustainably, advocate for renewable energy, fight against anti-science government policies, and much much more. Each month, Charitocracy and our amazing donors hand select environmental charities that are devoted to various environmental causes. By the end of the month, through voting we select one charity out of all the nominated charities from all 12 categories to which we donate our monthly pooled donations. Chances are, your favorite charities will win Charitocracy's monthly grant!

Take a look at the list below of currently nominated environmental charities. See one that inspires you? If not, you can also nominate your favorite environmental charity to add to our voting list! Join us now and empower a cause you care about! Also, feel free to check out our past environmental charity winners or the other charitable causes Charitocracy supports.

Viewing 9 causes - 1 to 9 (of 9 total)
Viewing 9 causes - 1 to 9 (of 9 total)