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Environmental Educators of North Carolina

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    This is the official discussion thread for the cause Environmental Educators of North Carolina. Its EIN is 56-1715308 and it's a public charity based in Etowah, NC. Research more info about the cause on GuideStar and Charity Navigator.

    Environmental Educators of North Carolina logo
    We provide professional development for NC's environmental educators.

    Did you grow up catching fireflies, playing in the creek, or building a fort in your yard?
    Most children in today’s world won’t, which means that when they grow up, they may not have a vested interest in protecting our natural resources and natural spaces. Environmental educators across North Carolina are working to change that, and we need your help.

    Environmental education (EE) is a learning process that increases knowledge, develops skills, and fosters commitment to empower learners to make informed decisions and take responsible action. It teaches people how to think – not what to think – about the environment.

    The Environmental Educators of North Carolina (EENC) grew from the desire of environmental educators across North Carolina to meet and share their experiences, aspirations, and tools. Since its inception in 1990, EENC has grown into something much greater. Our organization represents a network of outstanding environmental educators, individuals, and organizations who work together to accomplish our core mission: to build connections, provide professional development, and promote excellence in environmental education.

    With your help, EENC will:

    • Launch a new online Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion course. This new 10-hour online training will help educators across North Carolina provide more equitable and inclusive learning experiences for all students and learners.
    • Expand professional development offerings, including new online courses and in-person events as soon as it is safely possible to do so to help educators build their skills so that they can continue to provide high quality environmental education for students across our state – even if it looks a little different than it did before the pandemic.
    • Work at a systems level to support the field of environmental education. We will advocate to advance our field at the state level and collaborate with other partners across the southeast on joint projects so that more students have access to environmental education – and that more educators can afford to stay employed in the field!

    Will you help support the education we need for the world we want?
    The Environmental Educators of North Carolina are working to change the world so that:

    • All learners participating in environmental education programs in North Carolina feel welcome and engaged.
    • All North Carolinians have the knowledge, skills, and dispositions needed to make informed decisions and take responsible action to make North Carolina – and its environment – a better place.
    • Environmental education is recognized and embraced in North Carolina for the value it brings both people and our planet.

    Children and adults need to know how ecological systems work and why they matter. The health of the environment is inseparable from humans’ well-being and economic prosperity. People require knowledge, tools and awareness to successfully address and solve environmental problems in their daily lives. And more than ever, we are all becoming increasingly aware of the systemic inequities that impact almost every aspect of our society.
    Since the rise of COVID-19, EENC has worked tirelessly to support those who provide the education we need for the world we want. A few of our efforts last year included:

    • Creating the first online workshops in the nation for the K-12 Environmental Education and Professional Development Guidelines for Excellence, helping over 110 educators across eight workshops hone their practice and programs to national standards for high-quality EE programming.
    • Launched community call and webinar series, providing over 2000 educators the opportunity to connect and learn from one another as we all negotiate the rapidly changing educational needs in our state.
    • Convening active working groups to address critical needs in our field. Over 20 educators on a diversity, equity, and inclusion action team helped revise EENC’s operations, external communications, and procedures through bi-weekly meetings to help us become a more equitable and inclusive organization. With partners at the NC Office of Environmental Education, we united more than 30 thought leaders from across the state to identify and prioritize the actions needed for environmental education to thrive beyond this pandemic.

    Will you help please support this critical work?
    As a learner, teacher, parent, or community member, you can play a crucial role in helping today’s students become tomorrow’s champions.

    Also read Charitocracy's blog post about Environmental Educators of North Carolina!
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    April is Earth Month – as well as the starting of spring in many parts of the US.  What’s your favorite sign of spring? Whether you’re enjoying early spring flowers, the first tiny leaves, changes in animal activity, or just more hours of sunshine, this season epitomizes growth. Much of that growth is happening underground, in dens, or inside something before we ever get to see those signs. You could say the same thing about EENC right now!

    Last month, EENC finalized our outline to best support North Carolina’s community of environmental educators over the next few years.  Like many of your organizations, we reevaluate our priorities every few years so that we can maximize our impact and make the best use of our capacity.

    Over the next three years, we will focus our efforts on:

    • Advocating for the field of environmental education.
    • Building partnerships to advance EE efforts in and beyond the classroom.
    • Becoming a better, and better-known, resource for professional development, news, and tools to support North Carolina’s diverse audience of environmental educators.
    • Building our internal capacity so EENC can continue to grow and serve the needs of our community.

    Through all of these focus areas, we are developing specific strategies to weave in justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion, a broad definition of what environmental education looks like and who our state’s environmental educators are, and actionable ways to measure our progress.

    Will you help us make this possible? Please vote for us this month’s rankings!

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    “What do you need right now?” When asked authentically, it feels good to hear that question. It feels even better when the follow-up is, “I can help you with that.”

    The Environmental Educators of North Carolina (EENC) has been checking in with our community regularly over the past year, and the list of needs is growing. We need your help to meet these needs!

    By supporting EENC this spring, you will:

    Offer educators a “pay what you can” option for our online justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion online course launching summer 2021, so that cost isn’t a barrier in their professional development.

    Provide free facilitated community calls and monthly webinars for hundreds of educators who tune in live or watch recordings on-demand afterward. You will also ensure that presenters invited to speak by EENC are compensated for their time and expertise, supporting our commitment to equity

    Create toolkits, training, and resource collections addressing pressing needs for educators rapidly working to return to in-person programming as well as those who will continue to offer virtual programming

    Celebrate the educators in your life this Earth Month by voting for us in this month’s pool.  You can be the one to tell our state’s educators “I can help you with that.”

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    This is it!  Today is the last day of Earth Month!  Help us celebrate some  amazing environmental educators by voting for EENC in this month’s pool!  Thank you!